Thursday, May 3, 2018


I thought about the Korean drama titled 'Chief Kim' that we just finished watching. It was such a good drama of justice and repayment. As I was going through the plot, I felt there was such a similarity to the spiritual warfare that we had fought. Initially the evil forces seemed all too formidable to oppose as this guy Chief Lee tried to expose their evil deeds and got framed instead. He nearly lost his life and ended up in a coma.

Then this crazy guy named Chief Kim came on the scene. He was not righteous in the beginning as he had been helping thugs evade taxes by manipulating the books. He was engaged by this guy named Seo Yul to help cover up the crimes in a company named TQ Group. Later through a series of accidental twists, Chief Kim ended up as the good guy. The righteous streak in his DNA was awakened as his dad was a poor but righteous guy.

Initially the fight was between Seo Yul and Chief Kim. Seo Yul tried to get rid of him under the orders of the Chairman. But Seo Yul was not totally evil at heart. He just didn't like to lose so he would use underhanded means to deal with Chief Kim. In the first round Chief Kim lost because he tried to fight using the orthodox way. After that failure, he decided to revert to his 'thug' ways to deal with Seo Yul.

Seo Yul used the people whom Chief Kim cared about, his colleagues to get at him. Chief Kim initially felt guilty that his colleagues were implicated because of him but after they supported him, he got back on his feet. It was quite a low blow which he nearly gave up doing the right things. After this rebound, Chief Kim became stronger and more resolved to see that justice was served to the weak and powerless.

The very first breakthrough they obtained was that of the payment of wages to the part-timers in mini marts. The Chairman had to apologise to them in public in addition to making restitution. The key to this victory was they had alliances and access to important evidence of fraud that allowed the part-timers to sue the company. But this victory pissed the Chairman off who then ordered Chief Kim to be killed.

It was a good thing that Seo Yul overheard the conversation and saved Chief Kim's life. He was despicable but not to the extent of evil. He could not watch while a man dies. Even though they were still on opposing sides, this event marked the beginning of Seo Yul's turning point. Later on Chief Kim obtained strategic evidence from the cues that Chief Lee left behind on how the previous audits were fraudulent. This was a big blow to the enemy.

Yet the battle to defeat the enemy was far from over. They had made much progress, gained much grounds but now they were going on the offensive. They were trying to nail down the Chairman with decisive evidence. However the Chairman sought help from an influential political figure who was able to stop the prosecution. He tasked his manager to cover up the fraud. So Chief Kim and his team were dealt with another blow when their efforts seemed to be in vain.

Yet they didn't give up and sought to find out the person behind all these opposition. They had to break the evil alliance. Once they did that, they could render the Chairman without a strong backbone. So the Chairman had no other way out but to flee. Seo Yul and Chief Kim managed to catch him at the nick of time. Even in jail, the Chairman was still trying to wash himself off the crimes by threatening and cutting deals with others. He wanted to make them scapegoats.

The prosecution still could not convict him because they needed evidence of his slush funds. The Chairman gave the secret bank account in Switzerland to his son who then provided the information to Chief Kim. Not only that he transferred $100m from the slush fund to help the company which was facing a crisis. That helped to turn the situation around and prevented hundreds from losing their jobs. And the Chairman was sentenced to 22 years in jail. The team could finally celebrate their success.

So what did I learn from this drama? Firstly never give up. Even when you made a mistake and there was some negative consequence, don't condemn yourself. Just dust it off and move on. Get back on your feet. It is not the end. It is not over until you have the victory. Secondly, be wise as a serpent when dealing with the enemy. Don't be naïve and don't show mercy for the enemy will never show you any mercy. Give the enemy a taste of his own medicine.

Thirdly you need to have divine alliances. Chief Kim could never have been able to do it all by himself. The enemy is too formidable for one person and requires us to form alliances to defeat him. It is a teamwork. Fourthly you have to obtain strategies and key information about the enemy's next move. I have observed in this drama and Empress Ki that success lies in anticipating and counteracting the enemy's next move. Usually there are precedents to how the enemy would react so it won't be a surprise.

Fifth, there is always a fight of faith. Don't expect the enemy to sit around and do nothing after your first few victories. Always be on the alert and pray even after victory. The enemy likes to counter attack especially after your first breakthrough. In fact at some point the enemy will try to take you down. But if he can't, he will try to cut deals with you. Don't fall for his trick. He will not make good on his promise.

When you begin to gain momentum on your advances, go on the offensive. Continue to attack the enemy with your spiritual weapons and don't relent. Go all out, cooperate with God and totally annihilate the enemy if possible. Don't show him any mercy. He never did when he tried to take your life remember? It is important to seek the Lord for strategies to deal with the enemy. Such strategic information will help you preempt and prepare for the enemy's next move and your counterattack.

In the past you might be often caught off guard and left confused by his attacks. But no more in this season! The Lord cleared the fog so you could see more clearly and He is downloading heavenly strategies to you so you can be always one step ahead of the enemy. You will no longer be caught unaware. Go forth in the power of the Lord!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


This has been a long awaited thanksgiving. In fact during last July, there had been talk about Heng taking over the Finance Director SG portfolio from his colleague. His bosses took a while to sort things out but eventually on 23 Aug 2017, they decided to let Heng try out the position. Hence he was made Acting Finance Director on 1 Sep 2017 and put on probation until end Dec 2017. If he proved to be competent for the job, the company would then confirm his appointment.

Thank God that they confirmed his appointment on 10 Jan 2018 but his employment terms and conditions remained the same until the annual salary review in April. Just yesterday he received his promotion letter with the salary increment. In addition to that, God surprised us with a bonus payout this year as the company was doing better. Last year the bonus was very little but thank God this year it was much more as Heng also got a good performance grading.

It was a restoration as Heng didn't receive any bonus for the past two years. Not only that our finances were under attack and we had been feeling the stretch for the past season. There were times when we had to dip into our savings. Yet God never failed to provide us when the need arose. Heng's dad won lottery a few times and blessed us with some of his winnings. God is so good to us. We were never in lack though our finances were stretched.

Heng's appointment as Finance Director was really the favour of God as he had only been in the company for less than six months before he was given the opportunity to take on this position. Previously he was just a senior manager. Yet God already had plans to promote Heng as early as May 2014. There were talks of putting Heng up as regional Finance Director in his old company but this was met with much opposition. Thank God that His plan always prevails!

Nearly four years later, Heng finally came into position. It hadn't been an easy four years for Heng in terms of his career but God is faithful. He promised that after we have gone through the fire and the water, He will bring us to a broad place of abundance (Psalms 66:12) and He really did so! We are now seeing the after math of those storms and attacks we had been through in the past season. It had been such a tough season but finally it had passed. God is now bringing us into a season of harvest, of restoration, of dreams come true. He is making the enemy repay us for the injustice and troubles brought into our lives.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Recently I was impressed upon this thought. What are our actions that will please God? I realised it when Joshua responded in a certain way and I felt very pleased. Then I remembered how God must have felt when I responded in the same way to Him.

For example, when Joshua asked me for advice for his science exam, like any tips for him, I was pleasantly surprised. Of course I was more than happy to share some tips with him. Then I saw that when we humble ourselves like a child and ask God for wisdom, He is very pleased with us. He never fails to answer me when I go to Him at the end of myself, saying 'Lord I don't know what to do but my eyes are on You.'

Another thing that pleases God is having a heart of thanksgiving. I am very pleased when Joshua shows appreciation for the things we do for him. Be it big or small like cooking a meal for him. I love it when I see his eyes sparkle when we plan a staycation for him or bring him on a holiday. I love to see him happy and giving thanks for the things we blessed him with.

God is so good. He always reminds me to do good to myself and to pamper myself. He isn't afraid that I will become a selfish spoilt brat. He knows I am not like that. He is very pleased when He sees me happy, enjoying my life, without having a care in this world. Just like any parent would do for their kids, God also loves to surprise me. He loves to hide certain things from me and then pop that surprise to see how I react.

I also noticed that God loves interaction or fellowship with us. Like when we ask Him questions or be bold with Him. Bible tells us that we have not because we ask not. Many of us may have placed obedience on a higher importance than fellowship so when God told us to do certain things, we dared not ask Him why. Actually we are not undermining His authority when we ask Him questions. Know that God isn't intimidated by our questions.

Joshua loves to ask questions. Although I cannot give him an answer all the time, I still encourage him to ask. It is through his questions that I understand how he thinks or feels about certain issue. Sometimes it would be hard to get him to talk when I ask him questions. But when he asks me questions, I will take the opportunity to also ask him certain things. It was more fun this way. More interaction.

I also think that God is pleased when we carry His heart. When we think of Him. Just like some of you, when a particular child does something really sweet for you, your heart will be endeared to that child though you love all your children the same. God really loves it when He sees the hunger in our hearts for His presence, more than anything else in the world. There is nothing He won't do for people who can tug at His heartstrings like that.

Another thing that pleases God is having a teachable spirit. It is ok to make mistakes but when God disciplines or corrects us, we have to be willing to accept it and change our mind. That is repentance. Not going to the other extreme of feeling so condemned and guilty about making that mistake. If that was the case, we would not be able to change our ways. I always tell Joshua I will not be too hard on him if he makes mistakes. But if he is stubborn about his ways, still thinks he is right and keeps arguing with me, I will be very upset. I told him I wanted him to have a teachable spirit. 

Last but not least, God is pleased when we give Him the glory. He is so good. He always gives us the credit when it is all Him. He first puts the desire in our hearts, then gives us the grace and strength to do the thing He placed on us. When the desire came to pass, He thanked us for doing it when it was all Him. I found it pleasing when I asked Joshua whether he thought it was his own smarts that got him the good grades and his answer was 'no, it wasn't my own smarts but God helping me and mummy coaching me.'